Masala Oats Dosa

I guess many of you are already using oats to prepare dosas and idlis  among other dishes.
I prepared this masala oats dosa by using the masala oats satchets available in stores nowadays.I wasnt sure if the family was prepared to have oats as a porridge every other day, so I decided to use up the leftover satchets lying unused to make masala oats dosas.They turned out very well and very tasty.


Masala oats satchets .     I used around 4 packs of mixed vegetables masala oats .
2 cups of rice flour

1 big tomato,1 big onion,few curry leaves
small piece of ginger
2 green chillies depending on your preference
Pinch of asafoetida/hing powder
salt to taste (the packet also has some added salt so you need to go easy on the addition again)


 Cut open the masala oats satchets and soak the masala oats for a few minutes in water and grind along with the 2 cups of rice flour, tomato,onion,green chillies,asafoetida,salt,ginger to a dosa batter like consistency.There is no need to ferment . Dont add too much water. Depending on the no. of sachets you are using , add little water and adjust after the grinning is over.

You can make dosas immediately.As the oats gives a very smooth soft texture to the dosa batter you may adjust the dosa batter by adding more rice flour after testing for one dosa to get a crispier dosa.
This is the method I used to prepare dosas immediately. Haven't tried  fermenting the batter..

You will get lovely masala dosa like the onion masala dosas in hotels with the aroma and also a nice crunchy one.
You need to serve dosas immediately. Like any other dosa this will become soft after keeping for some time but tastes great . Prepare the dosas at the time of serving for a crisper dosa. I usually prepare this variety when I dont have ready dosa batter and when I need to make a quick tiffin , this comes very handy.

Tomatoes,green chillies,ginger,coriander leaves and onions are almost always available in all kitchens  and should be used to jazz up this dosa! As I used tomato puree for the first dosa they appear more reddish than the pic given below. You can innovate the way you want.


My daughter suggested we can use left over maggi masala  satchets left over  to make oats dosas if we have regular oats stocked in the house.! Hmm ! never thought of that. May be some of you can try and let me know