Mango Fudge/Barfi

The Mango mania continues throughout the summer. No doubt it is delicious to have a mango all by itself without turning it into some other form.

But sometimes when we go on an overdrive and buy mangoes in bulk, most of them ripening quickly due to the intense heat you are faced with too many ripe mangoes.
Juices,mango shakes,mango kheer all need to be consumed quickly but the  best bet is making Mango barfi which stays good for several days in the fridge.

You can delight your guests by offering them Mango Barfi for a change instead of just Mango pieces served on a plate.



Take a heavy bottomed kadai/pan and add mango pulp,sugar,grated ricotta/paneer and let it cook on a medium flame initially and then when the mixture thickens lower it to simmer.

Keep stirring the mixture at intervals with a heavy spatula to avoid sticking to the bottom of pan if you are not using non stick kadai/pan. When the mixture is beginning to thicken , you can add the milk powder at the last stage to help attain thick consistency.

This will take around 20 minutes to cook and thicken and when you see the mixture getting very thick for fudge like consistency, then you can pour the thickened mangopulp paneer mixture on the greased plate.

 Let the mixture cool sufficiently before you make the marks for cutting into pieces.

Sprinkle the slivers of almonds/pistachios.

Let it cool and then you can cut into barfis/fudges.

You can refrigerate and serve .