Mambazha Pulisseri (Ripe Mango pulp cooked with spiced grated coconut and yogurt)

A Kerala Sadya round up cannot be complete without the seasons best Mambhazha Pulisseri which is thick mango pulp cooked with some spices,grated coconut and fresh yogurt. Little sour yogurt is also used by many but we prefer to use fresh yogurt. Mambazha Puliseri is somewhat like the Mooru Kootan. This is one of my favourite gravies to make regularly till the mango season ends. This features almost every week as we have a short season , we make the best use of it.You  can make it little thick like a gravy dish and use as a side dish for rotis too. We make it a little more sambar like consistency as we like to mix it with rice and have it with papads.



Take a broad pan and  some water and cook the mango pieces/pulp  with a tsp of turmeric powder and salt .
Grind to a fine paste the freshly grated coconut with cumin and green chillies. Keep aside.
When the mango pulp/pieces  is cooked well,  mash it lightly to blend and break up the lumps.

Add the coconut paste to the cooked mangoes and allow to boil on low simmer and then add the yogurt after whisking it lightly to the gravy which will thicken after adding the coconut cumin paste and the fresh yogurt.

Do not allow the mango pulp and gravy to boil for long like other sambars as this cooks very fast and the coconut paste should not be boiling too much with the yogurt.Otherwise you will see it splitting.

Temper the gravy by using little coconut oil and spluttering mustard seeds,udad dal and two red dry chillis. Pour seasoning over the gravy

Tastes divine with rice .