Kalkandu Sadam/Rice Sweetened with Rock Candy

This is traditional sweet rice preparation after sakkari pongal,payasam varieties. This is also mildly sweet unless you want  to add more rock candy  and can be had with a festival lunch. This is a departure form the typical sweet preparations during festival times. At times you have festivities back to back and it can be tiring on the tongue and the taste to make the same varieties of sweet pongal,payasam varieties.During such times this comes handy.

The best part is it can be prepared very quickly. No particular method of cooking is required.



Cook the rice in milk and water combined to give a nice fluffy texture. You can either pressure cook or in a pan. Depending on the quality of rice you are using you may adjust the milk,water combination.

There are two ways of adding the rock candy.Some people prefer to powder the rock candy and add  it to the cooked rice. Some prefer to make a little thick syrup of the rock candy and add it to the cooked rice .
Doesnt make a difference really.

After the rice is cooked , fry the cashew and raisins in ghee and add the powdered rock candy to the rice.Mix well and add the cardamom powder. Add the saffron soaked in milk to the rice. The consistency should not be too mushy or too dry either. Kalkandu sadam is usually served hot and tastes very good.When cooled it tends to become dry.