Many times we tend to forget soaking the ingredients well in advance for dosa or idli batter.
Sometimes when we do remember it is at an odd hour when we cannot grind the batter late in the night neither can we leave it soaking to be ground later in the morning.

It is usual to soak the ingredients in the afternoon and grind them to batter by night so that it ferments and we can prepare idlis for breakfast.

When we forget to soak the dals then there is another remedy which many dont prefer but I have always got excellent idlis and dosas from this method.Infact  out of sheer laziness many a time I prefer this method.

soft idlis made using idli rice rava and grinding udad dal

This method is very simple.

There was a time when I soaked the udad dal at night before bedtime and kept it in the fridge during soaking.Early next morning I ground it well in mixie and got a lovely frothy batter. Added the idli rava into the udad  dal batter and kept in a warm place in the kitchen counter.6.30 AM  I ground the batter and by 10 am I could make the freshest sour free soft idlis. Ever since Ihave been doing this , I get nice idlis for afternoon also.I use the same for making nice crispy dosas too.

I tried and tested this at least three times and got excellent results.I may ditch the grinder for this method soon! See the pics for yourselves.