Green plantain curry (Vazhzkai Poduthuval)

Green plantain curry is a great favourite in the Kerala cuisine. Raw plantain is used in many ways.It is a part of the erisseri,avial and part of the famed Sadya.

This is a simpler version of a dry vegetable  curry which is a great side dish with rice,moor kootan or rasam.



Peel the raw plantains and cube them to small pieces and keep them in water to prevent blackening .
Put  oil in a broad pan and heat it to splutter the mustard and spilt udad dal seeds. Add the dry red chillies. and the cubed plantains .
Add the turmeric powder,salt,asafoetida powder little pepper powder  and little water enough  to cook the plantains.

Meanwhile take the grated coconut,cumin seeds,green chillies and grind them in the mixie without adding water coarsely.

As the raw plantains cook very quickly,check to see if done and just before taking off from the gas stove,stir in the coarse grated coconut mixture over the vegetable.Garnish with sprigs of curry leaves.

Goes well with rice,moor kootan.