Eriseri Yellow pumpkin/Mathanga ( Vishu Menu)

This is a popular dish from Kerala and is almost always prepared as part of the Sadya. The varieties of making eriseri are many and combination with different vegetables.

The most popular erisseri made are the chena (yam) and green plantain (vazhakkai),the yelllow pumpkin/mathanga erisseri.
The recipe given below is for the yellow pumpkin/mathanga.



Cook the cubed pumpkin pieces in little water along with turmeric powder,salt,chillipowder,slit green chillies.
Grind to paste 1 cup grated coconut with cumin , whole pepper,1 red dry chilli.

As soon as the pumpkin gets cooked lightly mash them,add the grated coconut paste and the cooked blackeyed beans.

If you desire a light gravy like erisseri then use little more water and make the coconut paste little light .

In a pan heat coconut oil,splutter the mustard seeds,udad dal,whole dry red chillies,curry leaves and remaining grated coconut.Fry lightly till the coconut becomes golden brown.

Add the roasted coconut red chilli  mixture over the prepared erisseri for a finishing touch.


For those wishing to avoid coconut of the quantity mentioned,use little for grinding to paste and skip the last step.

For seasoning instead of using coconut oil you can use any other cooking oil.