Avial ( Vishu menu)

Avial is a popular vegetable gravy dish of not only Kerala but also in Tamilnadu. Almost for all weddings,religious functions and for festival lunches avial is prepared.

There are also so many variations in making this dish. I have given the recipe for the most traditional way of making as my mother has been preparing for years.



Cook all the vegetables together with salt and little turmeric powder which is optional.I do not use turmeric powder as we like Avial to look white.

You can pressure cook them but the pumpkin may get too soft so better put them all in a broad pan and cook with little water til they get just soft but not too much.

Grind to paste coconut with cumin  and green chillies and little rice flour.

Once the veggies get cooked add the ground coconut paste and stir lightly so as to not make the vegetables crumble.The vegetables even after cooking should remain in whole long pieces.

Just before taking off from  the gas  add the fresh yogurt and let it simmer on low but not too long just enought to blend with the cooked vegetables and gravy gets little thickened.

Garnish with sprigs of curry leaves and  towards the end  add the coconut oil.Give a stir.
The heavenly aroma of coconut oil with blended spices and vegetables will emanate every where .