Apricot Banana Oatmeal smoothie

When we are pressed for time and need to rush often times we tend to skip breakfast and plan to have something at work which may not necessarily be healthy. A smoothie is the best option either to be had immediately or as a takeaway.

You can either do this overnight and chill in fridge or prepare in the morning as it takes few minutes.Just a whiz in the blender and you are done.

One such favorite smoothie which my daughter has is the Apricot Banana  Oatmeal smoothie.



Take all the ingredients and blend it till smooth. Serve chilled or have it right away topped with nuts.


1.You can make several combinations of smoothie ingredients overnight and zip loc them in individual bags in the fridge.Just take you pick i the morning and blend them.Saves more time. Kids can do this easily and need no help in cutting and peeling.

2.Yogurt is just as healthy as milk. You can use  skim milk or low fat yogurt.

3. Flavored low fat yogurts are already available in stores.Just take a big scoop and blend with fruits of your choice.

 4. Make it into a take away if you are not having it immediately.

5. Almost any seasonal fruits can be made into smoothies either yogurt or milk based.Adding cooked oatmeal only enhances the nutritional value and so filling.

6. Taste good without oatmeal too.

7.Do not add any sugar or sweetener unless you have to. Try date syrup for a natural sweetener.

8. You can sweeten with fresh fruit preserve too .Just use your imagination and you can whip up endless smoothies.

9. If kids demand more sweetener then add a tbsp of their favorite jam or preserve while blending.!

10.Dried fruits can also be used but may need to be softened in little warm water before blending.But works just as well.

11.Make sure you keep a stock of all kinds of dried fruits,nuts which will be useful while preparing smoothies.